Working Group member

Our working groups are detailed below with their respective mission statements. All members are listed towards the bottom of our homepage, except for the R Adoption WG which we expect will grow quite large as a network of many different company representatives and we expect membership to be fluid.

  • Data engineering WG (lead: - To coordinate and evaluate the efforts of open source developers working on data workflows and bridge the gaps between the needs of stakeholders and existing tools for data solutions.
  • TLG and interactive tools WG (lead: - To govern the inclusion of tables/listings/graphs and interactive tool packages.
  • Technology and templates WG (lead: - To provide the ecosystem that brings together the end-to-end component of pharmaverse and give users an easy journey to finding what they need. Examples of how we’ll achieve this include governing the non-data/TLG WG packages, maintaining the website, and enhancing our end-to-end examples via both our efforts and community contributions.
  • R Adoption WG (lead: - To bring together R enablement/strategy leads for clinical reporting from pharmaceutical companies to knowledge share through the challenges of embedding R usage in this space. Understanding each of our aims, progress and gaps with R adoption will help to influence future opportunities for open source collaborations.

Some guiding principles are as follows:

  • The council will look to rely on specialist experts from the working groups to make recommendations on which packages to include and identifying gaps in the pharmaverse. The Data engineering WG covers areas such as SDTM and ADaM, the TLG WG covers TLGs and interactive apps, and the Technology WG covers any other packages and our website
  • The members of each group are empowered to agree on any additional scope, objectives and deliverables
  • We should not duplicate efforts from any other industry working groups

Membership is not linked to any specific organizations. Any individual is able to join our pharmaverse working groups, as long as able to add value in the required area.

If you are interested in joining any working group, reach out to the respective WG lead, as they would have final say on who joins.