Individual contributor

Individual contributors will encompass the majority of our community and encapsulates those using and contributing to the development of any pharmaverse package. Examples of how you could get involved to help us achieve our vision:

  • Use existing recommended packages and advocate usage within your organisation
  • Raise feedback via Issues for areas where you find potential package enhancements or bugs
  • For those packages with an open contribution model, develop new functionality and make pull requests to make your code available for re-use
  • For new pharmaverse package collaborations, volunteer for user testing to help the development team build robust solutions

To help you find suitable open source packages to contribute your skills toward, check out Here you can see a range of open issues where people are asking for support via “good first issue” or “help wanted” GitHub issue labels. If you’d like to contribute to any, then open up the respective issue and add a comment so that the author or development team could help arrange any required access/onboarding to help you get started. Over time, you might even make the Leader Board!