Council representative

Council Structure

The initial Council was comprised of 1 representative from each of Roche, GSK, Atorus, and Janssen/J&J. During 2023 and 2024, the Council expanded by 3 organizations, the first being Novo Nordisk followed by Appsilon and Sanofi. Each council member puts forward one representative for a 2-year commitment. At the start of each subsequent year, any Council member organization with an expiring commitment may remain on the Council with a renewed 2-year commitment. If a Council member organization leaves, they will be replaced by another Organization with one representative and a 2-year commitment. There is no restriction on the type of organization that may be part of the Council (e.g., pharma, CRO, vendor, or regulatory). In the event of a vacancy on the Council, any Council member may nominate a replacement organization to fill the vacancy. Alternatively, anyone could reach out to any Council member to apply. Acceptance to the Council 2-year term is granted by the existing council, inclusive of outgoing membership.

It is expected that a Council member organization contribute:

  • One representative to the Council
  • Commitment to at least 2 open source packages under pharmaverse via reviews, hands-on code development, product leads, or other roles which contribute to the design, development, testing, release, and/or maintenance

Council Activities

(What does the Council do?)

  • Renders (or delegates the rendering of) the ‘curated’ element of ‘a curated set of packages’
  • Sets the strategy for pharmaverse
  • Governs packages within the pharmaverse: What’s in and what’s out; What’s recommended to practitioners and what’s not; Sets the requirements for a package to be included in the pharmaverse
  • Support organizations developing candidate packages
  • Provides guidance on release train planning (ongoing maintenance, development and release): Determines the platform(s) to distribute code; Oversees the Communications plan for new package releases (including new versions)
  • Initiates projects or workshops
  • Pursues regulatory engagement to advance the pharmaverse initiative
  • Provides oversight for managed contracts for collaborations - to ensure no conflicts – NOT LEGAL GUIDANCE!
  • Leads by example – models Development Team structure and collaborative model
  • Determines the course of the ‘pharmaverse’ as an entity: Does it become a stand-alone organization? Does it require funding? Should it be self-sufficient?
  • Helps new open source contributors find projects they may support

Any decision rendered by the Council will be determined by majority vote of the Council membership where at least 60% of the Council is present. In the event of a tie, keep talking and figure it out.

Council Meetings

  • Monthly - 1h agenda from topics as described above (to be determined by Council members)
  • From start of 2023, summary minutes will be posted openly here
  • There is an expectation of Council member action items to be completed between Council meetings